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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Guest Post - Lo-arna Green

Because I have been so busy with the final Strange Stories book, and editing Baby Steps and Before Digital Dreams, I have been neglecting my blog again. So I have another guest post this week - the lovely Lo-arna Green is here to share an extract of her WIP, All The Games.

He squeezes me tighter, it reminds me of my Dad—only better, obviously. Dad always
hugs you so fiercely, you worry about the state of your ribs because it feels like they are getting crushed or maybe even pop from the pressure. But beyond that, you feel safe, you feel loved. You feel like nothing bad can ever reach you in that moment, or the next.

This is what Link is doing to me now.

“It's hard to see yourself clearly in the dark but just so you know,” he whispers this close to my ear, his breath touches my skin. “You shine so brightly I’m in fucking awe. Sooner or later you will feel it. And I can’t get enough of your beauty,” he ducks his head to look at me directly. I can’t escape his eyes. Eyes the colour of melted chocolate, warming me from the inside like a steaming cup of cocoa would, his voice blanketing me in.

My whole life, all I’ve ever wanted and never quite got—was someone to understand me, get me—right through to the bone. He seems to be partway there and it makes me convulse with fear.

“Are you alright?” My teeth chatter as I try to answer. Could I be any more embarrassing?

“Sheri?” he unwraps his arms and moves his hands to either side of my neck.

My pulse jumps crazily against his skin. “You scare me,” the words escape on a breath before I can stop them.

“You scare me too.” My heart begins to thump in my ears harshly. “How do we stop scaring each other?”

© Lo-arna Green

All The Games

Lo-arna Green

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