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My Book Babies
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Sunday, 12 February 2017

2016: A Patch in Time

Hi everyone, I've missed you!

I've been snowed under since I started contributing to Ungagged last year, and so I've not been as active as I'd have liked to be on this blog. That doesn't mean I've not been writing though - I've been churning out pages and pages of political tirades (let's face it, between Brexit and Trump, there has been a fair amount to talk about!), participating on the Friday Phrases (#FP) hashtag over on twitter working away at the third and final long awaited Strange Stories book.

My sci-fi dystopia, Before Digital Dreams, is now in its very final stages, out with first readers who have been giving it some amazing feedback. I'll be starting the submissions process within the next three months and will likely be posting lots about that journey in the coming months, because it's new to me. Any advice from seasoned hands at this traditional publishing lark warmly welcomed!

You may have noticed that I've added a PayPal link to this blog - it's not there to make anyone feel pressure to make donations they can't afford,  but if you do enjoy my writing and would like to help support me to continue, any donations - whether 20p or £20 - would be a real help and would be very gratefully received.

I didn't just open this post to give you and update and ask for your hard earned though - I've also come to share what I was working on over Christmas. Those who have followed me for a while will know I *love* Doctor Who - and have always wanted to write an episode.

Well in 2016, with the help of multitalented political and philosophical poet Steve McAuliffe, that dream became a reality when I wrote and performed in a mini-episode of Doctor Who for the Ungagged podcast. Grab yourself a cuppa and a blanket and curl up for a 12 minute adventure that should (hopefully!) leave you laughing.

You can download or stream it FREE here.


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